Helping Organizations Frame, and Then Answer the Right Questions


In the life cycle of every organization there are critical turning points, when making the right or wrong decisions is everything. It is at these moments that organizations turn to the principals of City Square Consulting, whose experience is reflected in listening, understanding and helping clients reframe the questions that need to be asked before making high-impact, long-lasting decisions.

City Square Consulting, Inc. with headquarters in Durham, NC, enables clients to view their organizations, processes, capabilities, products and services, and the environment in which they compete through a series of connected “lenses,” specifically:

  • Competitive Research and Intelligence
  • Human Capability, Competency and Performance
  • Culture and Engagement
  • Organization Development and Diagnosis

We make it possible for our clients to openly surface and face questions like:

  • “Should we invest (further) in this business or strategy?”
  • “Are we organized in a way that supports or impedes performance?”
  • “Can this product, service or sales strategy win in the marketplace?”
  • “Are we getting value from our online and offline marketing expenditures?"
  • “How can we help our workforce attain and sustain peak performance?”

If your organization is facing a critical turning point, and you need an objective, deeply experienced thought partner who can help you focus, build alignment around critical issues, make key decisions and move quickly to action contact City Square Consulting, Inc. today for a free, no-strings attached, half-hour consultation. Contact us at 617-901-5860.

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