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Successful 21st century organizations must win the hearts and minds of their customers, clients and employees every day in two distinct, yet interconnected worlds, one real . . . one virtual.

City Square Consulting's human performance, organizational development, competitive research and marketing strategy services focus on real world concerns and opportunities.

Experts behind our Searching for Profit brand provide guidance for businesses dependent on web traffic, integration of online and offline marketing and management or protection of their credibility/reputation in the virtual world.

Why Choose City Square?

City Square Consulting, Inc. brings the thoughtful approach of an knowledgeable outsider. Our team has deep experience with large group meeting design, organization restructuring, business process re-engineering and culture change initiatives. We know the critical factors leading to success, and can spot and help correct flaws in design that have high failure potential. We have the perspective and objectivity needed to listen, explore and help you find and act on what is true. Call City Square Consulting, Inc. today at 617-242-0328.

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