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Searching for Profit

"It only counts if they find you."

Searching for Profit

Searching for Profit is a marketing consultancy focusing on the interaction of the consumer with businesses using search engines, social and new media to deliver their message.  In essence, it’s about the “new marketing,” which harnesses new tools and approaches to draw customers into long-term relationships with your business.

Getting the attention of the right people, and holding their attention until they take positive action has become significantly more complex in a digital landscape filled with attractive offerings and options.  Successful conversion, be it a lead, enrollment or sale, increases dramatically when the online marketer has provided the consumer precisely the information desired at each phase of the buying cycle. To get results, the marketer must possess an in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior and the language of searching and buying. Searching for Profit helps businesses navigate the changing media landscape.

It all begins with traffic . . . the right traffic. The experts behind Searching for Profit can help you develop a strategy for traffic growth, and then help you select the keywords and create the messages that you need to keep potential customers coming to your site. They provide guidance in avoiding technical missteps that create barriers between you and your desired audience.  And they help you to make decisions that will distinguish your site from those employing questionable practices.

Recent Searching for Profit Engagements:

  • New media strategy development for a global beverage company.
  • Audit and strategic guidance on organic search for a global auto company.
  • Site visibility improvement project including keyword analysis for a Fortune 500 global manufacturing conglomerate.
  • Strategy development for a furniture manufacturer shifting from traditional to online marketing.
  • Development of launch strategy and management of a business portal for a software developer.
  • Web strategy and performance improvement for online retailers in the fashion, restaurant supply, trade merchandise,
  • Web traffic and conversion analysis for a major not-for-profit organization specializing in fundraising activities.