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The principals of our firm bring decades of change management, strategic marketing planning, public relations, sales, business process improvement and organizational development experience to each engagement.

Our experience base includes leadership of internal consulting organizations in global manufacturing and service companies, public sector management, university teaching and research, book publishing and thought leadership for several global consulting firms prior to the establishment of City Square.

Human Performance and Organization Development Services

“Your organization is perfectly designed to get you the results that you are getting today.”  If you desire a different result, it makes sense to understand your internal strengths and weaknesses,

Competency Identification and Development – What skills, knowledge and behaviors lead to high performance in your organization? Is there a unique combination of competencies that your most successful people demonstrate on a day-to-day basis that leads to successful execution, customer satisfaction and achievement of key results? Do people demonstrating these competencies differentiate your organization in a crowded marketplace, giving substance to your brand?

Using a proven approach for competency identification and validation, City Square can help your organization develop a competency model reflects your uniqueness, strengths and values.  Experience has shown us that such tailored competency models have application in selection, leadership development and training.  A well-formed model can become the centerpiece for human capital development, serving as a benchmark for continuous improvement and sustained organization success.

Sustainable Change Management– Have you re-organized, merged with another firm or simply changed directions? Then, you know about resistance to change.

Why not bring in the pros of City Square to ensure that change is sustainable? With more than 30 years of experience in organizational change management, City Square has helped large and small, public and private firms successfully navigate the change process.

Recent engagements have included large group process change workshops for a diverse group of over 600 participants, and a realignment of key teams within a governmental agency. Other engagements have focused on redesigning and re-engineering the hiring process for a large department within an organization.

Expert Facilitation

Productive meetings and workshops do not just happen.  They require careful, collaborative planning, flawless logistics, clarity of purpose, opportunities for participation and reflection, in-the-moment problem solving and efficient knowledge capture and documentation.

Participants should feel that they are being heard, and that their contributions are valued.  Leaders should know when to intervene, and when to let go. Facilitators should ensure that the setting is safe for everyone, allowing a free exchange of ideas, challenges, fears and aspirations.

City Square collaborates with clients, partner organizations (see Partnerships) and other key stakeholders in the aligning meeting goals, planning meeting activities, on-site facilitation and meeting management, and post-meeting documentation.  

Competitive Analysis and Marketing Services

You understand your business, perhaps better than anyone else. However, the internal influence of your current messaging, and the distractions of your company’s problems and pressures, may make it difficult for you to view your current situation in an impartial and unbiased way. 

City Square can help you understand which market conditions are working for you or against you, and how to deal with them.

Our service offerings include:

Competitive Landscape Analysis –When you want a quick but thorough look at your competitors...what value they offer their customers, how they differentiate themselves from you, who their customers are, how they go to market and who bankrolls them, ask City Square.

Using insights gained from our ethically gathered information, you can sharpen your differentiation and gain a valuable competitive edge.

Win/Loss Discovery Process – Do you know what drives your customers’ decision to buy from you versus your fiercest competitor? Is it buyer values and perceptions, internal processes and politics, reactions to your sales force’s interaction? What is the "deciding factor?"

City Square not only finds out what made the difference between winning and losing, but uses this information as the foundation of a customized sales training workshop that allows clients to translate our findings into action. Sales forces have used our proven Red-Light:Green-Light Sales Methodology© to close millions of dollars in business.